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Easy Troubleshooting
Is your equipment acting up?  Here are some troubleshooting tips for your convenience that could address
a minor issue.  Check out these tips to get your equipment up and running faster.
Paper jam in the duplexing tray
  • Check for paper caught under large paper tray
  • Check for excessive paper curl (paper may be moist - a common summer problem due to humidity) - try fresh paper
  • Make sure when the paper is loaded in the paper cassettes that the natural curl (or edges of the paper) are pointing up
Paper is jamming in the fuser (or exit)
  • Check for paper, paper shards or other obstructions in paper path.
Paper is jamming in the finisher
  • Open sorter and look for paper
  • Look into end of finisher bins for paper
The jam can't be located
  • Reset copier by turning off, waiting a full minute, then turn back on
Paper jams in the cassette
  • Make sure paper is loaded correctly and not overfilled
  • Check that the paper size wheel (indicator) is set correctly for the paper loaded
  • Check to see if side guides in the cassette are too tight and make sure that the guides are set against the edge of the paper
Paper jams in my document feeder
  • Check for foreign objects (staples, paper clips, post-it-notes) in feeder entrance and exit
  • Card stock or lightweight originals cannot be used in document feeders
Paper jams in the manual feeder
  • Check that the manual feeder is set to the correct paper size and paper type and corresponds with the designated size on the control panel
  • Check your model’s maximum allowable paper weight
Black lines and dots are appearing on my copies
  • Check the glass to make sure that it is clear of any whiteout of other material
  • Clean the scan glass (narrow strip of glass on the far left) next to the large piece of glass
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